Portal at A Smith Gallery



por - tal

 : doorway, entrance, opening, entry, gate, egress, opening, aperture, porte, exit, hatch, mirror, passage, threshold, cut, entrada, hole, scuttle, window, approach, camera, breach, mirror.

Portals have given photographers subject matter for their cameras since Niepce began experimenting with photography.  There is an intrigue and mystery that begs the photographer and viewer to question and wonder what is on the other side.  Elliot Erwitt's iconic image entitled California Kiss immediately pops into my minds eye. And what about Atget's images of store fronts in Paris?  The Boulevard de Strasbourg image of the corset shop is just one of many images he captured.  Sam Abell's image entitled Through Lace Curtains makes you feel like you are standing right there with him as he snaps the shutter.  And we all will never forget the story about Alice and the rabbit hole written by photographer Lewis Carroll.  Alice looked thru the opening and found a Wonderland.

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