Artist statement and installation shots of Gradations


Artist Statement

My house is not my home. We expect a house to be a place of comfort, a place that shelters us from the outside world. Underneath the personal clutter, however, houses are banal, sterile spaces, controlling the air that we breathe and the motions of our bodies. The structure of a house becomes a marker of boredom, and a barrier causing isolation. So what does it take to feel at home in a house where anxieties rise and fall? Can we ever feel at home in the world?

Through the works in Gradations, I reassert my control over my living space and transform something mundane into something new—a strange, moving, breathing dreamspace. The bare walls come to life, set in motion through animation and the construction of an interrelated network of subtle variations. I skew the perspective of the house, wrenching the head beyond its normal axis, revealing the fragility of our perceptions. This instability becomes a metaphor for our often-misguided ideals and our need to fill the unknown with a fantasy.

- Megan Metté